Instructions for Downloading bioKepler 1.1


This page contains instructions for downloading bioKepler 1.1, which was released on 23 December 2014.

You can download the tarball here.

Instructions about downloading bioKepler from SVN are here.


Instructions for Downloading bioKepler 1.1


  1. Download Kepler 2.4:
    Mac OS X

    (203 MB)

    (209 MB)

    (206 MB)


  2. Install and start Kepler 2.4. You should see:

  3. After Kepler 2.4 starts, a dialog will pop up displaying updates.

    Select Yes and Kepler will install the updates and restart.


  4. Once Kepler restarts, in the Tools menu, select Module Manager.

  5. Select the Available Suites and Modules tab.

  6. Select biokepler-1.1 in the Available Suites list and click on the right arrow to move it to Selected Modules.

  7. Click Apply and Restart to install biokepler-1.1 and restart Kepler.


Problems? Let us know.