Instructions for Running bioKepler in Docker

This page contains instructions for running bioKepler 1.1 in Docker.

You can download the bioKepler 1.1 tarballĀ here.

Instructions about downloading bioKepler from SVN are here.

Software Requirements:

Docker and a VNC client are required to use the bioKepler Docker image.

Instructions for running bioKepler in Docker.

  1. Download the bioKepler image
    docker pull kepler/biokepler:1.1
  2. Run the image
    docker run -dP kepler/biokepler:1.1
  3. The container starts a VNC server listening on an exposed port. Use the following command to determine the port.
    docker ps -a
    e73780a1517a        kepler/biokepler:1.1   /bin/sh -c 'tightvnc   13 seconds ago      Up 12 seconds>5900/tcp        
    The output says port 49153 is exposed, but it maybe be different for your system.
  4. Connect with a VNC client to the port.

Problems? Let us know.