Instructions for Downloading bioKepler From SVN

These are instructions for downloading and compiling bioKepler from SVN.

The instructions for downloading bioKepler 1.2 are here.

Software Requirements:

Verify the following software is installed before downloading bioKepler.

Java 8 or newer:
% java -version
Ant 1.8.2 or newer:
% ant -version
SVN 1.6 or newer:
% svn --version
Maven 3.0.3 or newer:
% mvn --version

To use bioKepler, download and compile Kepler as follows:

  1. Create a directory for the Kepler modules
    % mkdir kepler.modules
  2. Download the Kepler build system
    % cd kepler.modules
    % svn co
    % cd build-area
  3. Download Kepler and bioKepler
    % ant change-to -Dsuite=biokepler
  4. Compile the source code
    % ant jar
  5. Start Kepler
    % ant run

    You should see:

    Followed by (more options are shown if reporting functionality is installed):

To update the bioKepler source code:

  1. Change into the Kepler modules directory
    % cd kepler.modules
  2. Update the source code
    % ant update
  3. Re-compile the source code
    % ant clean jar
  4. Start Kepler
    % ant run

Problems? Let us know.