Postdoctoral Position

Our team ( is looking for a motivated Postdoc. The preferred candidate will show demonstrable work experience in multi-objective optimization, in designing, development, and optimization of components in areas intersecting Scientific Workflows, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. The preferred candidate will have proven track record of using advanced computer science, data science, and HPC software research and development principles, in the domain of large-scale scientific workflows, to perform complex research, technology and software development.

The individual will be expected to resolve complex research and technology development and integration issues, and give technical presentations to associated research and technology groups. The preferred candidate will have experience-based evidence of evaluating new hardware and development of new software technologies for advancing complex High Performance Computing, Data Science, and Cyberinfrastructure projects. The preferred candidate will have experience of publishing and representing their team at national and international meetings, conferences and committees. The candidate will be expected to work with a team of research and technical staff.

The postdoc will interact with collaborators, to assess the data science and computational capabilities of its users; collaborate with scientific research faculty to develop both new research and novel data science applications that are maximally useful for workflow science research community. The preferred candidate will collaborate with other local and national online science data resources to optimize for interoperability with these centers; and interact with other Computer Science researchers in the field to incorporate or extend their research tools for our applications.

Education and Experience

【1】PhD. degree in Computer Science / Data Science, or Domain Sciences with computer / computational / data specialization or equivalent experience.

【2】Interest, knowledge and proven experience with scientific and machine learning workflows

【3】Demonstrable expertise in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Optimization, Benchmarking, and preferably knowledge of one of these fields: HPC performance and power modeling, analyzing hardware, software, and applications for HPC.

【4】Advanced knowledge of modeling and experience with multi-objective optimization, High Performance Computing, Data Science and CI.

【5】Advanced experience working in a complex computing environments encompassing all or some of the following components: HPC, large-scale Data Science infrastructure and tools / software, and diverse domain science applications.

【6】Self-motivated and works independently and as part of a team.

【7】Track record of skills and experience in independently resolving complex computing / data / CI problems using introductory and / or intermediate principles.

【8】Related work experience in assessing a broad spectrum of technical and research needs and demands and establish priorities, delegate and / or lead development of solutions to meet such needs.

【9】Experience with the Kepler Workflow Management System will be preferred. 


Please send your resume & cover letter for the position to Dr. Ilkay Altintas, with subject below:

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Subject: Application for PostDoc [ CSE - UCSD ]