WorDS Quarterly Briefing

SDSC Workflows for Data Science Center of Excellence (WorDS) Briefing on “Data Science Thinking” and simple methods to enable your data science to be programmable, scalable and reproducible.

When: The next Briefing is December 1, 3:00PM - 5:00PM.

Where: SDSC Conference Room E-330 (enter east lobby, take elevator to 3rd floor, exit left, left down hall, conference room is to east in south wing)

Registration: Register here.

We invite our UC San Diego colleagues, industrial partners, and data science community to join us for 2 hours to consider:

  • Processes that lead to scientific and engineering research products
  • Issues on capturing executable processes and their computational scalability
  • Best practices for making their process reproducible
  • Long-term preservation of their research products
  • Standardization of data management and computational research methods shared between team members
  • Training new students and researchers on methods